Supported lodgings for young people

Room To Spare

Our ‘Room to spare’ initiative recruits, trains and support individuals, couples and families to offer supported lodgings to young people (16-23) who are leaving home or care and require extra guidance. Hosts provide a bedroom, a safe environment and love, tolerance, support and guidance to a young person but they are expected to continue with their own daily routines including working, socialising, hobbies, holidays and weekends away etc. In becoming a host you can give a young person the safety and security necessary to grow, flourish and successfully step into a brighter future.

The need

For many young people in the UK, and especially for care leavers and those without family support networks (including unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC)), the transition to adulthood can be a time of fear, insecurity, and increased vulnerability. This is accentuated by a lack of high-quality, supportive, semi-independent accommodation with significant, and detrimental, implications for young people:

  • Last year 121,000 young people (16-25) in the UK approached their local authority as they were homeless or at risk of homelessness.
  • In 2019/20, 15% of accommodation placements for care leavers were considered unsuitable. 1/3 of care leavers become homeless within the first three years of leaving care and care leavers make up 25% of the homeless population.
  • Care leavers (19-21) are 3x more likely to be Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) and 25% of care leavers experience a mental health crisis after leaving care.
  • 40% of the UK’s prison population are care leavers and over half (56%) of children in custody and receiving criminal sentences have a history of being in care (despite looked-after children making up only 1% of the total population).

Overview – ‘Room to spare’

Wrap-around support for hosts

  • On-call support: Hosts are able to access on-call, 24/7, support from the Concrete Rose core team.
  • Training and induction: In therapeutic, trauma-informed care, and mediation and communication techniques.
  • Financial remittance: Hosts receive a weekly remittance of between £50-80 (depending on location). Hosts are also eligible to receive a start-up bursary to cover additional set-up costs (e.g. installing smoke detectors).
  • Host networks: Local host networks provide mutual support and the opportunity to run joint gatherings, trips and celebration events.

Wrap around support for young people

  • Youth work support: Weekly, one-to-one, support from a professional youth worker from a local youth work organisation.
  • Therapeutic input: Access to therapeutic interventions from a trauma-informed youth specialist.
  • ‘Adults who care’ mentoring: Adult mentors who provide advice, guidance and a listening ear.
  • Budgeting support: Helping young people effectively manage their money including, where appropriate, applying for their benefit entitlement(s).

Become a host

To start the journey towards becoming a Concrete Rose host go to our ‘Become a Host’ page by clicking the button below:

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Host guide

If you are interested in becoming a host there is lots more information – including an overview of the application process and a number of FAQs – in our host guide which can be found here.

Download our host guide