Plenty of ways to

Get Involved

Use your skills, experience and abilities to positively impact young people. We have opportunities to work face-to-face with young people as well as to support ‘behind the scenes’ (including in our in-house ‘think-tank’). You can also partner financially by donating to our work or investing in property. For more information contact us.

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Become a host

If you have a spare room and a heart to support young people why not become a host in our ‘Room to spare’ (supported lodgings) initiative. You’ll receive a comprehensive induction and training package, on-call, 24/7, support from the Concrete Rose core team and a weekly remittance to cover any additional costs. For more information check out our dedicated page here.

Become an adult mentor

Many young people, and particularly those who don’t have access to the family networks most of us take for granted, need trusted adults who can offer long-term unconditional support and encouragement. Our ‘adults who care’ initiative carefully recruits, trains and supervises adult mentors who provide guidance to young people who are in our supported lodgings scheme. Apply here.


We have plenty of opportunities to volunteer and not only in the direct delivery of support to young people. Many of our oversight roles, fundraising and back office functions are fulfilled by volunteers and we also have an in house ‘think tank’ in our Policy, Partnerships and Development Team that helps inform our work and deliver innovative solutions to entrenched problems.

Become a business partner

We are always looking to partner with local businesses both to raise funds and particularly to improve the skills, experiences and outcomes of the young people we support by providing training and work experience opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a corporate partner get in touch using our contact form.


Our work, and particularly the significant wrap-around support available to young people, relies on the generosity of others including businesses, trusts, grant funders, churches, and individuals. For more information on the ways to give to Concrete Rose please get in touch or visit our crowdfunding page.


We have opportunities to invest in property and enable more people to provide foster care to teenagers and BAME young people. This scheme enables investors to generate a return on their investment (annually or at the end of an investment period) with significant, and positive, impacts on the foster care sector and, in turn, young people in care.

Make a difference

Last year 121,000 young people (16-25) in the UK were homeless or at risk of homelessness. You could make a difference. Give young people the opportunity to build a firm foundation for the future by becoming an approved host through our supported lodgings scheme, ‘Room to spare’. We provide training, 24/7 support and start-up bursaries. Find out more by downloading our ‘Information for hosts’ brochure.

Download our host brochure